Chinese Simplified

    ·Regional GDP: 612.12 billion yuan, an 8.3% increase over the last year, ranking 1st in HeBei Province;

    ·Public budget revenue: 31.841 billion yuan, a 5.8% increase;

    ·Fixed assets investment: 357.59 billion yuan, an 18.5% increase over last year

    ·Number of projects fixed assets invested in: 3,209, a 4.4% increase;

    ·922 out of the 3,209 were investments exceeding one hundred million yuan, an 11.1% increase;

    ·Total investment volume: 215.85 billion yuan, a 16.1% increase;

    ·Total retail sales of consumer goods:  172.46 billion yuan, a 13.6% increase over last year;

    ·Cargo throughput of TangShan Port: 446 million tons, a 22.39% increase, ranking 7th in the country.