Chinese Simplified

    Administrative Divisions

    Seven (7) districts: CaoFeiDian, LuNan, LuBei, KaiPing, GuYe, FengRun and FengNan

    Two (2) cities: ZunHua and QianAn

    Five (5) counties: YuTian, QianXi, Luan, LuanNan, and LaoTing

    Four (4) development zones (management area): HaiGang Economic Development Zone, High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, LuTai Economic and Technological Development Zone and HanGu Directorial Area

    total area

    Total area of TangShan: 13,472 km2

    Total area of the 7 municipal districts: 5478.9 km2

    Central urban area planned: 210 km2

    Built-up area: 117.2 km2


    Total: 7.531 million, of which 4.366 million are urban residents.


    Facts about TangShan City:


    ·east of HeBei Province;

    ·with its downtown area lying in the middle part of it

    ·a coastline as long as 229.7 kms

    Surrounding neighbors:

    ·East: QinHuangDao City (125 kms away);

    ·West: TianJin (108 kms away);

    ·North: YanShan (Mountain Yan);

    ·South: BoHai Sea (40 kms), and it

    ·overlooks ChengDe City across the Great Wall;

    ·it is 154 kms away from Beijing, and

    ·a 366 km drive will take you to ShiJiaZhuang, the capital city of the province