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HanGu Directorial Area 2014-05-13

l         Location: lies in the intersection of TangShan City and BinHai New Area, with a total area of 150 km2

l         JingHa Railway, JinQin passenger train, G205, 112, TangJin Expressway, YanHai Expressway weave and run across each other inside the area for about 100 kms; important link to JingJinTang and north China

l         The management system of the state-owned land here is different: 50,000 mu land is upright and flat, good for development of large plots and unified management and utilization

l         It will be heading for high-tech, modern services, modern agriculture development

l         Contact unitMerchants Bureau, HanGu 

l         Tel(86)022-69213796



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