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LaoTing County 2014-05-13

l         Location: southeastern coast of TangShan, core area of BoHai Rim and JingJinJi Metropolictan Ring

l         Coastline: 124.9 kms, making up 1/2 of TangShan City, 1/4 of the province;

l         2,515 km2 shallow waters; an area of 310 km2 intertidal zones, 280 km2 mud flat and waste land which can be used for project after backfill and renovation.

l         Unique location and good industry and development environment have attracted large number of strategic investors, including TangGang and XuYang Chemical who are helping with constituting the basic framework of a new type of industrialization system

l         Contact unit: Merchants Bureau, LaoTing County

l         Tel(86)0315-4622499

l         Email


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