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LuanNan County 2014-05-13

l         Location: to the south is BoHai Sea, adjoins with Beijing and TianJin; in themingle area between BoHai Economic Rim and the JingJinJi Metropolitan Ring;

l         Area of land covered: 1482.6 km2; coastline: 71.6 kms; population: 583,000;

l         It is the direct heartland of CaoFeiDian, with developed transportation network, featuring roads, railways, and more importantly two accesses to the sea; with blessed geographical location

l         2013 saw a total GDP of 31.5 billion yuan; fixed assets investment: 18.33 billion yuan, and a fiscal revenue of 1 billion yuan

l         An industrial system supported by strength industries of iron and steel, paper making, food processing, pyro-electricity, iron and steel, chemical engineering, spinning, is coming into its initial shape

l         LuanNan is the giggest iron and steel production and export base of the country, also

l         He second largest PVC gloves manufacturing base

l         Top 10 paper making winner as well

l         Contact unitMerchants Bureau, LuanNan County

l         Tel (86)0315-4121628



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