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QianXi County 2014-05-13

l         Location: north of TangShan, heartland of JingJinTangChengQin, core area of BoHai Rim;

l         Total area: 1439 km2; population: 390,000

l         37 minerals are found including iron, gold, manganese; reserve volume of iron ore: 470 million tons while that of manganese is 200 million tons.

l         Leading enterprise HeBei JinXi Steel ranks 195th in China Top 500 firms, the largest profile steel production base of China

l         Home of Chinese chestnut; home of Chinese mushroom

l         Three tourism belts were formed- the Great Wall, water and eco-leisure featured with many scenic spots created

l         A place with unlimited glamor and development potential 

l         contactMerchants Bureau, Qianxi County

l         Tel(86)0315-5610155



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