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YuTian County 2014-05-13

l         To the north of YuTian lies YanShan while to the south is BoHai;

l         It has a  area of 1165 km2, a population of 673,000.

l         It is situated in the heartland of JingJinTang, within the Ih economic circle, close to Beijing, TianJin and TangShang airports and four ports.

l         JingHa expressway,  G102, DaQin, JingQin Railway run through the county

l         It has been ranking among top 30 in economic strength in HeBei Province since 2003

l         It has 2 provincial development zones;

l         Featured industries: iron and steel deep processing, electronic information, equipment manufacturing

l         Agricultural modernization is improving; has been accredited as the first batch of modern demonstration zone…

l         Has attracted quite a number of projects of national and international enterprises to execute their project in the county, including that of the COFCO’S

l         ContactMerchants Bureau, YuTian County

l         Tel(86)0315-6190200



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