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ZunHua City 2014-05-13

l         ZunHua City boasts a long history and deep cultural deposits. Inside its territory, you will find two world cultural heritage listed relics: the Eastern Qing Tombs, and the ancient Great Wall. It is an excellent tourists city of China.

l         ZunHua is close to Beijing and TianJin, positions in the heart of the two economic circles-the one around BoHai By and the one around Beijing and TianJin with obvious geographical and transportation advantages.

l         Its five little industries were once nationally celebrated; now it has formed a modern industrial system that is supported by six competitive industries: iron and steel, equipment manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical engineering, new energy, new building material.

l         The established 8.6 km2 area of the ZunHua Economic Development Zone, ZunHua Modern Logistics Zone, JinShan Industrial Zone and Metallurgical Building Material Circular Industrial Zone, provides a good platform for developing emerging industries and high-tech industries.

l         179 national and international enterprises such as BaoGang, ShangHai FuXing have become the im[portant support of the city’s economic development.

l         ZunHua was among the top 100 medium and small sized cities that are with the potentials to lead other cities to develop among many other acclaims it has been awarded.

l         Unit to contact: Merchants Bureau, ZunHua City

l         Tel(0086)0315-6679887



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