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FengNan District 2014-05-13

l         FengNan is the main urban area of TangShan’s south part, facing BoHai Sea in the south, with a coastline of 23.5 kms, an area of 1,568 km2, a total population of 520,000.

l         It is one of the top 10 strongest counties/cities of HeBei Province.

l         FengNan has many unique advantages:

1)       Superior geographical position. To the north lies the city area of TangShan; east adjoining CaoFeiDian New Area; west connecting TianJin BinHai New Area; and close to important transportations hubs such as TangShan Port and TangShan Airport. The about to be completed JinQin Passengers Railway, the JingTang Inter-City Railway will include FengNan into the Capital Half-an-Hour Economic Circle.

2)       Rich resources. Rich in coal, sea salt, terrestrial heat; especially the 23 km2 state-owned construction land along the coast can undertake projects any time.

3)       A spacious host platform. Forge “one port three zones” development platform.

4)       A solid industrial foundation, having formed 6 industrial bases: iron and steel, ceramics, equipment manufacturing, chemical engineering, special cable and food processing;

5)       Good development environment: a series of preferential polies were promulgated to encourage investment and further opening up, and striving to forge the best development environment by proving all possible conveniences, production and living alike, to the merchants, making them feel at ease and assured with their business development and growth and their life.  

l         Unit to contactMerchants Bureau, FengNan District

l         Tel(0086)0315-8189969



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