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FengRun District 2014-05-13

l         FengRun District is situated in the north of TangShan City, poisoning in the hinterland of Jing, Jin, Tang and Qin, with a total area of 1190.05 km2, a registered population of 836,200.

l         FengRun is blessed with geographical location and

l         enjoys a convenient transportation: there are 4 stations, 5 railways, 4 expressways, and 5 national and provincial trunk lines.

l         FengRun is a state commercial grain base, provincial peanuts export and bacon hogs production base.

l         It is blessed with rich natural mineral resources, of which over 800 million tons are quality coal reserves, 10 million tons of quality limerock reserves, and 450 million tons of cement limerock reserves.

l         With years industrial structure adjustment efforts, FengRun is taking its initial shape of 5 dominant industries of equipment manufacturing, modern logistics, iron and steel, steel and diary.

l         FengRun is the rising bullet train city of China, an important logistics base of the north, one of HeBei’s key economic development zone, and

l         A base of China type steel, quality building materials base of north China, a nationally celebrated modern agricultural industry base

l         Unit to contactMerchants Bureau, FengRun District

l         Tel(0086)0315-5189235



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