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GuYe District 2014-05-13

l         GuYe District is situated in the core area of BoHai Rim and JingJin Rim with a total area of 248 kms, and a population of 360,000.

l         Relying on its rich resources advantage such as coal and cement, 4 pillar industries of iron and steel, coking, cement and power have been formed,

l         of which the annual output of iron and steel and cement amounted to 10 million tons.

l         GuYe enjoys convenient transportation, with a three-dimensional transportation network that integrates road, railway, waterway and airway.

l         By far, GuYe has formed the biggest special steel production base of the country, the biggest hardware production base in the north, HeBei’s new type of coal chemical industry base;

l         The four industries of iron and steel, coking, cement and power are showing great vitality.

l         Steel rolling, coal chemical engineering, equipment manufacturing, medicine and film and TV culture are in early form.

l         Major stainless and tube stock projects are gradually becoming the pillars to hold and support the transformation development.

l         Organization to contactMerchants Bureau, GuYe District

l         Tel00(86)0315-3253652



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