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KaiPing District 2014-05-13

l         KaiPing District is one of the Central Areas of TangShan City, with an area of 258 km2, a population of 249, 000.

l         2013 saw a GDP of 15.3 billion yuan, fixed assets investment 9.95 billion yuan, public budget revenue of 930 million yuan, disposable income per capita of 24,600 yuan for urban residents, while farmers amount to 11,300 yuan.

l         KaiPing District enjoys a developed transportation network: JingShan railway runs through the district with two stations set;

l         JingHa, TangJin and TangGang expressways run vertical and horizontal;

l         G205 national road, and central city ring road run across it;

l         only 30 minutes drive to SanNvHe Airport,

l         less than 2 hours drive to Beijing International Airport and TianJin Airport.

l         It is less than a 100 kms away from CaoFeiDian Port and TangShan Port and is proud of blessed carrying capacity and transportation conditions

l         KaiPing District is known for its service effectiveness and efficiency thanks to its professional workflows.

l         Contact unitMerchants Bureau, KaiPing District

l         Tel00(86)0315-3365781



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