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LuBei District 2014-05-13

l         LuBei District is the central area of TangShan City, the political, economic and cultural center of the city, with an area of 176 km2, a household population f 832,000.

l         Recent years saw active efforts in creating projects, establishing parks, investment attraction to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. Thus economy was developed fast and good.

l         In 2013, the city and county level public fiscal revenue amounted to 4.3 billion yuan, ranking 2nd in total amount in the city;

l         Fixed assets investment and consumer good retail volume equaled 20.2 billion and 16.5 billion yuan respectively, an increase of 23.5% and 13.2%, with the growing rate ranking first in the whole city;

l         Market players cultivation growth rate ranking first in the city.

l         ContactMerchants Bureau, LuBei District

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