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LuNan District 2014-05-13

l         LuNan District is one of the central urban areas of TangShan City, with an area of 117.43 km2, and a population of 261,900.

l         It is an important component of TangShan’s economic, political and cultural center.

l         Since the 12th Five-Year Plan Period started, LuNan District has been grabbing opportunities to comprehensively promote construction and development of the district; namely using the opportunities of JingJinJI Metropolitan Ring is to be implemented, HeBei Province is about to forge the Economic Rise of Belt along the Coast, and TangShan is to host the 2016 World Horticultural Expo, to forge a commercial center, a cultural and creative center, an information center.

l         By far, 203 key projects have been executed, with a total investment of 168 billion yuan.

l         Unit to contactMerchants Bureau, LuNan District

l         Tel: 00(86)0315-2205231



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