Chinese Simplified
HeBei KaiPing Economic Development Zone 2014-05-13

·an area of 19.28 km2;  complete infrastructure; “eight accesses one site leveling;”

·“three horizontal three vertical” road network; mileage open to traffic: 19.6 kms

·Equipped with110KV transformer substation and 10KV switching station; power supply guaranteed.

·Natural gas daily supply capacity: 1 million m3, and enjoys duo networking supply by YongTangQin and JiDongYou;

·Communications and optic fiber interweave and covers the whole park;

·City public bus No. 51 and 58 arrive direct at the park, constituting complete mating infrastructure;

·102 enterprises find their home in the park, of which 15 are scaled enterprises, 5 are national high-tech companies;

·Total corporate investment volume: 18 billion yuan, of which 10 are foreign funded, with an accumulated foreign funds utilized amounted to 300 million USD; 2 Fortune 500 companies were also introduced in.

·In 2013 the Zone/park saw a revenue of 12.56 billion yuan for its main businesses, a 30% annual economic growth rate, completing a fixed asset investment of 3.2 billion yuan, tax revenue 180 million yuan