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TangShan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone (High-Tech Zone) 2014-05-13

·Location and awards:  north of TangShan Central Area, with a planned area of 101.3 km2, and has been topping the list of economic development quality evaluation of development zones for many years; winner of “the best investment place for transnational companies.”

·Major development sectors: welding and cutting, auto part and components, robots, intelligent instrument, bio-pharmacy, new materials and new type of building materials, energy saving and environment protection, new energy and modern services

·TangShan National High-Tech Zone is the place that has gathered the most foreign funded enterprises, the most profitable with 79 by far, which involve 14 countries and regions such as Japan, US, Germany, France, UK, South Korea and Hong Kong. Panosonic, Itochu, Kobe Steel, Aisin Seiki, Sanofi, HSBC, AXA Insurance all have their offices in the zone.