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Concentrated cost advantage 2014-05-14

·TangShan is rich in water and power resources.

·An important energy base of the country as it is, it enjoys a relatively low cost of living and production.

·Particularly worth mentioning might be its the big deep water CaoFeiDian Port, which

·can directly connect international terminal Grand Ports. The cost for one ton of iron ore can be 4 USD less than surrounding ports in ship type alone.

·A 300,000 tons of cargo ship can save as much as 1.2 million USD in freight.

·According to the “CaoFeiDian Circular Economy Demonstration Area Industrial Development Overall Plan,” CaoFeiDian will prioritize

1) development of leading industries such as modern port logistics, iron and steel, chemical engineering, equipment manufacturing, high-tech, modern services,

2) constituting a circular economy industrial system, to

3) ultimately build it into

(a) an assembling & evacuating port of staple energy raw materials such as energy and minerals,

(b) a novel type of industrialization base,

(c) a commercial type of energy storage base,

(d) a modern livable coastal new city,

(e) a demonstration area featuring scientific development, and

(f) a circular economy demonstration area.


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