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Historical development opportunity 2014-05-14

The state Council approved and put into effect the “HeBei Coastal Region Development Plan,” signifying that development of the coastal regions in HeBei Province headed by TangShan CaoFeiDian elevated into national strategy.

The HeBei Provincial Party Committee and Government acted to exert all efforts to forge CaoFeiDian as the important pole of growth.

CaoFeiDian is becoming a hot spot of opening up and development during China’s 12th Five-Year Plan Period in BoHai Rim or even the whole country.

TangShan, with the increasingly accelerated integration of JingJinJi, the activated BoHhai Bay region, will become the new growth pole in around JingJin and BoHai region.

2016 will see the World Horticultural Expo is to be held in TangShan, an event will for sure help with a quicker global attention.

Location advantage

·TangShan is situated in the heart position of the BoHai Sea Economic Ring, the gateway city to Northeastern Asia, 154 kms away to northwest of Beijing, 108 kms away to southwest of TianJin.

·Port of TangShan is 680 nautical miles from Japan’s Nagasaki Port, 935 nautical miles from Port of Kobe, 400 nautical miles from South Korea’s Inchon Port.

·As a bridge connecting BoHai Rim and Northeastern Asia, TangShan functions strategically as opening the east and west, connecting inside with outside, radiating north China, western China, northeastern China or even the entire northeastern Asia region

Good investment environment

·TangShan boasts good legal, city and humanistic environment. In recent years, it has constantly relaxed control over market access, encouraging investment companies, simplifying approval procedures, and has led in executing zero-cost registration system, waiving registration and cost of production fees from all enterprises and individual industrial and commercial units in the city when they first register.

·TangShan was awarded successively the “National Civilized City,” “China Top 50 Best Investment Environment Cities,” “China Top 10 Cities with the Greatest Development Potentials,” “China Top 50 Best City Life Quality,” “China Most Happy Feeling Cities,” “UN Habitat Scroll of Honour award,” “Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment,” and was listed among Forbe’s Mainland China Best Commercial Cities. It has become the first choice of business people the world over to invest and develop their business. A batch of national and international famed enterprises and industry leading companies such as US GE, Japan’s Panasonic, France’s Sanofi, Hong Kong’s China Resources, YiHai Kerry, Zhejiang Materials, MengJiu Dairy, etc, have found their homes in TangShan and have acquired big returns on their investment.


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