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Accelerate rise of modern services 2014-05-15

With the increasing quickening of industrialization, urbanization, internationalization, and marketization, the degree of dependence on and request for production and living featured modern services is on the rise, providing a fairly good opportunity to develop high end modern services projects.

·In respect of production services, our consideration is to co-develop industries such as port logistics storage, e-trading platform, high-end tech R&D, information consultation, headquarters economy etc.

· In terms of financial services sector, we encourage finance, insurance and investment funds to set up their branch offices in our city to conduct services of all kinds such as financing and listing, equity merger and acquisition, to offer financial support to enterprises and or project financing.

·With regards to tourism, our priority is on introducing in quality enterprises and projects featuring in development of scenic spots and culture, accommodation and catering, travel services, travel consultation etc.

·With regards to living related services, we are focusing on introduction of city commercial complexes, catering and retail enterprises of high end and mid-range, promote cultural/sports and recreation, neighborhood services, education and nursing industries to fine their home here in our city.