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Accelerate development of strategic emerging industries 2014-05-15

Eyeing on constructing strategic support for future development, TangShan is exerting efforts on a speedy development of emerging strategic industries such as new energy, environment protection, bio-pharmacy etc.

·With regards to new energy, TangShan will mainly introduce industries such as new energy vehicles, wind power equipment manufacturing, photovoltaic power generation, semi-conductor lighting, clean energy, renewable energy.

·With regards to IT industry, TangShan will primarily target at introducing technologies and projects such as digital smart city, IT design and R&D, IoT services, intelligent robots etc. 

·With regards to energy conservation and environment protection, we will endeavor to develop projects 1) on air, water and solid waste pollution prevention; 2) clean production, circular economy and resources reuse technology and process equipment.

·With regards to bio-pharmacy, we will strive to introduce high and new techs in, to cultivate the bio-pharmaceutical industry in a speedier manner with biological agents, chemical raw medicine deep processing, modern Chinese medicine, bio-manufacturing, and bio-energy source as the dominants.