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Accelerate transformation and upgrading of traditional industries 2014-05-15

·TangShan is the integrated pilot site of the national normalization and industrialization.

·Currently, it is striving to advance transformation and upgrading of the three big traditional industries: iron and steel, equipment manufacturing and chemical engineering.

·In iron and steel: efforts are being made in deep and precision processing, development on steel consumption industries,, introducing a batch of industry leading enterprises and leading projects, promoting the industrial chain to extend into high end;

·In equipment manufacturing, we are working together with CaoFeiDian High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, QianAn High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, HeBei FengRun Economic Development Zone and HeBei TangShan KaiPing Economic Development Zone, to cultivate a batch of preponderant products, backbone enterprises and industrial clusters, introducing high end equipment manufacturing enterprises and projects, building TangShan into an advanced equipment manufacturing base in northern China.

·In chemical engineering, we are taking CaoFeiDian Large-Scale Oil Refining Project as the breakthrough to develop high value-added, and deep & precision processing featured product chains along coastal areas, attracting advanced chemical engineering technology and enterprises to TangShan, contributing to constructing the new industrial structure: petrifaction, clarification, and Stalinization –and combine them into one.