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Scale Planting Base of Green Agricultural Product Project (Guye District) 2017-06-15

 1. Main Content

Covering a land area of 500 mu with a total building area of 217407.5 square meters, Scale Planting Base of Green Agricultural Product Project of Fangezhuang Chunhui Farm’s Professional Cooperative for Grain Planting is planned to build in the Paigezhuang Village of Fangezhuang Town, Guye District, Tangshan City. Total 307 equipment, including production equipment, such as seeder, harvester, sinking pump and other ancillary equipment, power equipment will be purchased.

2. Investment Estimation

The total investment of the project will be 21.538 million yuan, of which 20.538 million yuan is fixed assets investment and another 1 million yuan is initial working capital.

3. Benefit Analysis

It is predicted that 1048.1 tons of vegetable, fruits and grains will be produced, which brings a revenue/mu of 20838 yuan. The annual sales income of the project will be 10.419 million yuan and annual profit will be 3.605 million yuan. In addition, 49 employment posts will be provided. With a FIRR of 17.2% and a payback term of 5.8 years, the project achieves excellent economic benefit.

4. Cooperation Mode

Joint venture or cooperation