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Annual Output of 600 Thousand Tons of Wild Jujube Juice Expansion Project (Zunhua City) 2017-06-15

 1. Project Entity

Tangshan Blue Cat Beverage Group Co., Ltd

2. Main Content

Covering a land area of 450 mu with a building area of 153.8 thousand square meters and a new-added construction area of 169644 square meters, this annual output of 600 thousand tTons of wild jujube juice expansion project will produce 600 thousand tons of wild jujube juice. 156 equipment/sets are to be purchased. 

3. Investment Estimation

The planned investment of the project is 1.628 billion yuan, of which 1.48368 billion yuan is construction investment and another 144.32 million yuan is initial working capital (floating capital is 259.35 million yuan). Half of the investment will be invested by the business profit of enterprises and another half comes from financing of the bank.

4. Economic Benefit

The project will realize sales revenue of 3240 million yuan with a taxation of 13.2 million yuan. The total profit will be 438.47 million yuan in normal years; profit before interest and tax will be 438.47 million yuan and net profit will be 328.85 million yuan. The total investment rate will be 26.93% and the net profit rate will be 20.20%.

5. Cooperation Mode

Creditor’s investment