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Food Expansion Project of Hebei Jurendao Food Co., Ltd. (Qianxi County) 2017-06-15

 1. Project Entity

Hebei Jurendao Food Co., Ltd

2. Main Content

Three processing and production lines, large-scale storage center, office buildings, chestnut purchasing and preliminary processing workshop will be constructed in the second stage to produce high-standard chestnut drinkings; industrial and cultural parks with chestnut characters as well as high-quality office buildings and hotels will be built in the third phase.

3. Investment Estimation

The planned total investment will be 2 billion yuan.

4. Construction Condition

Addressing in the yard of Hebei Jurendao Food Co., Ltd, the project neighboring Niantang Road, possesses complete water, electricity, gas, communication and heat facilities as well as convenient transportation.

5. Benefit Analysis

After the project is put into production, the annual sales revenue will be 500 million yuan with a profit and tax of 150 million yuan.

6. Cooperation Mode

Joint venture or buy shares according to the market share