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Comprehensive Development Project of Xuanwu Mountain Leisure Resort (Qianxi County) 2017-06-20

 1. Main Content

Relying on the historical relics and excellent natural and ecological environment, Xuanwu Mountain Leisure Resort is planned to build tourist attraction themed on ecological leisure, health maintenance and holiday spending. Separated by Xuanwu Mountain and Xuanwu Lake, the project will mainly focus on the construction of meditation center, Xuanwu Vihara, Xianxi Valley, Puti Hotel, Yongfu Temple, Yinxian House and Vocational Village for Preserving Health by Traditional Chinese Medicine and so on.

2. Investment Estimation

The planned total investment will be 1.5 billion yuan.

3. Construction Condition

The height of main peak of Xuanwu Mountain is 334 meters. Its name comes from the Zhenwu Temple built in the beginning of Ming Dynasty on the top. With irregular stones and green pines and cypresses, the mountain enjoys a beautiful landscape. The former-built Zhenwu Temple on the top now leaves only relics. The Xuanwu Lake (Gaojiadian Reservoir) on the foot covers a water area of over 600 mu. With good natural and ecological environment and flat terrain, the neighboring area of the lake is suitable for constructing high-quality leisure resort.

4. Project Progress

The planning scheme is designed by Beijing Gouyi Planning and Designing Institute.

5. Cooperation Mode

Single proprietorship, cooperation