Chinese Simplified
Annual Output of 210 Thousand Tons of High Temperature Alloy, Titanium Alloy and Medium & High Precision Casting Project (Fengrun District) 2017-06-20

 1. Project Entity

Zhongxin Huacheng Enterprise Limited of Fengrun District, Tangshan City

2. Main Content

The project is planned to cover a land area of 600 mu with a building area of 242,480 square meters. The main constructions include refining workshop for high temperature alloy and titanium alloy, smelting workshop for high-quality iron alloy, manufacturing workshop for shell of fired mold, resin bonded sand molding workshop, special molding process workshop and other buildings for production use. Besides, 524 sets of advanced production equipment and inspection equipment will be purchased. After the project is put into production, 7 thousand tons of precision castings made of high temperature alloy, 3 thousand tons of castings made of titanium alloy and 200 thousand tons of medium&high precision castings will be produced each year.   

3. Investment Estimation

The total investment of the project will be 3 billion yuan, of which 2.728 billion yuan are fixed asset investment.

4. Economic Benefit

After the project is put into production, the project will realize annual sales revenue of 9.6 billion yuan with a profit of 1.545 billion yuan and a tax of 590 million yuan. 2000 people shall be arranged for employment.

5. Cooperation Mode

Joint venture or cooperation