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Mining Machinery Equipment and Accessories Manufacturing Project (Qianxi County) 2017-06-20

 1. Main Content

Covering an area of 80 mu with a land area of 20 thousand square meters, the project is planned to build one machinery processing workshop, plate-work shop, assembly workshop, shot blasting room, spraying room, heat working workshop. Adopting advanced semi-solid state casting technique in the world and taking ultrafine grinding equipment and wear-proof material as the main product, the project is expected to produce 500 thousand pieces of various mining machinery equipment and accessories every year.

2. Investment Estimation

The total investment is 200 million yuan and half of the investment is planned to introduce.

3. Market Analysis

Tangshan Region, especially Qianxi County is rich in mineral resources. The future reserve of iron ores around this area reaches 470 million tons. The mineral exploitation stimulates the large demands for mining machinery equipment and accessories, particularly mechanical wear-proof accessories and brings wider market prospect for this project.

4. Construction Condition

Located in the economic development zone, the project is planned to be built in the factory of Qianxi Aodiai Machinery Casting Co., Ltd, where infrastructures are sophisticated and transportation is convenient. The company possesses whole sets of casting and processing equipment for accessories and over 10 years of production experience. 10 million tons of iron and steel can be produced in the county respectively, which provides sufficient raw material for the project.

5. Economic Benefit

It is predicted that the annual sales revenue will reach 150 million yuan with annual profit and tax of 40 million yuan.

6. Cooperation Mode

Joint Venture