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Powder Metallurgy Casting Project (Qianxi County) 2017-06-20

 1. Main Content

The project will cover an area of 100 mu and produce 30 thousand tons of power metallurgy castings. According to the planning, the building area of office housings, manufacturing workshops, raw material storerooms and finished products warehouses will be 6 thousand square meters, in which two production lines and relevant environmental- protected, water supplying, energy-supplying and safe facilities are involved.

2. Investment Estimation

The total investment will be 500 million yuan.

3. Market Analysis

Compared with traditional machining castings, power metallurgy castings possess lower cost and higher efficiency. At present, the fast-developing power metallurgy industry is experiencing a growing stage and the products of this industry are widely used in the fields of machinery, metallurgy, chemical engineering, vehicles, transportation and aerospace industry.   

4. Construction Condition

Located in the economic development zone, the project is planned to build in the factory of Hebei Hengwang Group, where infrastructures are sophisticated and transportation is convenient. Qianxi County can produce 10 million tons of iron power annually with 65% of grade, which provide sufficient raw material for the 70 thousand/year production line of high-purity reduced iron power.

5. Economic Benefit

After the project is put into production, the project will realize sales revenue of 200 million yuan with a profit of 80 million yuan every year.

6. Cooperation Mode

Cooperation with technical manufacturing