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Color Printing Packaging Production Project (Luannan County) 2017-06-20

 1. Main Content

Located in West Park of Luannan Economic Development Zone, this project is planned to cover an area of 110 mu and to build production lines for color printings, paper-plastic products, cartons, paper skins, laminating packages by introducing advanced digital controlled color printing packaging equipment from China and aboard. 

2. Project Estimation

The total investment is 500 million yuan.

3. Construction Condition

Separated by a road, West Park of Luannan Economic Development Zone adjoins the west of Luannan County, which is located in the intersection region of Bohai Economic Circle and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolitan area. With Tanggang, Coastal High-speed, Qiancao and Tuowang railways crossed and two sea ports, namely Caofeidian Port and Jingtang Port involved, this county enjoys exceptional regional advantages. In recent years, 2.5 billion yuan has been invested by the county to improve the infrastructures, such as water, electricity, communication, heat, gas, roads and sewage treatment and so on. The “Ten Links and One Leveling” are finished within the industrial zones, providing good advantages for the entering of enterprises.

4. Economic Benefit

After the project is put into production, the project will create annual sales revenue of 300 million yuan with a profit and tax of 100 million yuan. 300 people can be arranged for employment.

5. Cooperation Mode

Joint venture and sole proprietorship