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Auto Spare Parts Production Project (Harbour Development Zone) 2017-06-20

 1. Main Content

Covering an area of 200 mu, this project is mainly planned to produce 100 thousand transmissions, large, middle or small sized stamping parts and die-casting fittings, wiring harnesses, seats, interior or exterior decorations and other auto parts every year.

2. Investment Estimation

The total investment is about 230 million yuan.

3. Construction Condition

Located in in the southeast coast of Tangshan City, Tangshan Harbour Development Zone, the location of the project, enjoys unique regional advantages, affluent land resources, advanced transportation system, perfect infrastructures, sound service system and is becoming an important supporting place for coordinated development of Beijng-Tianjin-Heibei Region and advanced development of coastal areas of Hebei Province, particularly the large state-owned unused land and construction land under its jurisdiction can provide wide space for the construction and development of the project without changing the land status.

4. Economic Benefit

It is estimated that the the project will realize an annual sales revenue of 325 million yuan with a profit of 53.4 million yuan after the project is put into production.

5. Cooperation Mode

Sole proprietorship or joint venture