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High Building Life-saving Ladder Project(Fengrun District) 2017-06-20

 1. Project Entity

Tangshan Jiuli Life-saving Ladder Co., Ltd

2. Construction Content

The project occupies an area of 358.07 mu with a overall land area of 190 thousand square meters. The main buildings include a national-level inspection center, an experimental tower, a R&D center as well as workshops and comprehensive office buildings. Digital controlled lathe, punches, laser cutting machines and other equipment need to be purchased. 5000 high building life-saving ladders will be produced each year after the project is put into production. 

3. Investment Estimation

The total investment is 800 million yuan, of which 720 million yuan is fixed assets investment.

4. Economic Benefit

After the project is put into production, the project can create an annual output value of 2.3 billion yuan and an annual profit and tax of 123 million yuan. 3500 people can be arranged for employment. 

5. Construction Condition

With its construction place in Fengrun Economic Development Zone of Hebei Province, this project owns convenient transportation and and complete water, electricity and road facilities. Specifically, 12 roads and a logistic channel- Fengrun-Tianjin Road have been completed and opened to traffic; the five-star Changsheng Hotel and a comprehensive technical training center for high-speed trains have put into use; 10 power facilities, 13 10KV and 1 110KV high voltage lines as well as other supporting facilities have been constructed, which can satisfy the entering requirements of the project.   

6. Cooperation Mode

Joint venture or cooperation