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Hardware Production Base Project (Caofeidian District) 2017-06-20

 1. Project Entity

Administration Committee of Small and Middle-sized Enterprises Industrial Park of Caofeidian District

2. Construction Content

A hardware production base, including 12 production lines and affiliated warehouses will be built to satisfy the demands of automobile furniture making industries in Tangshan City and North China. Besides, whole sets of processing equipment and assorted electric or power equipment, electric appliance and pipelines, inspection equipment as well as loading and unloading equipment will be purchased.

3. Investment Estimation

The project is planned to cover an area of 200 mu and its total investment will reach 500 million yuan, among which 450 million yuan will be invested on the fixed asset and another 50 million yuan will be used as the floating capital.

4. Economic Benefit

It is predicted that the annual sales revenue After completion of the project of the project will reach 600 million yuan, realizing a profit of 120 million yuan and providing jobs for 300 people.

5. Market Analysis

The presence of many furniture enterprises, such as Wenfeng Wood and Gaoshi Wood as well as the construction of many automobile making projects, for example, Zhenpeng New Energy Auto Industrial Park, Aoneng Automobile Research & Manufacturing Base for New Energy Commercial Vehicles stimulate the large demands for hardware equipment in Caofeidian District. With the extension of project, the market will gradually expand to Tangshan area and even the North China.

6. Cooperation Mode

Cooperation or single proprietorship