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Merchants Bureau, TangShan City 2014-05-15

Merchants Bureau, TangShan City is a government organ responsible for investment attraction related affairs. As a window to the outside world, the Bureau has always adhered to the concept of “home of clients, source of projects,” and been dedicated to providing series of professional, efficient and considerate services to our strategic investors for your investment, business development, visit and inspection, project cooperation, establishing for you a broad platform of realizing your business dreams in TangShan. We will furnish you with personalized services for your investment demand; we shall help you approach, understand, and invest in TanShan via , for example, things like organizing, and participating in key investment promotions, scheming of major investment projects, small team investment consultation opportunities, or via contact with our investment liaison offices abroad.

We would like to become your forever friends here in the BoHai Rim Area, this DAZZLLING pearl !


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