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Tangshan Orthopedic Hospital

Tangshan No. 2 HospitalTangshan Orthopedic Hospitalwas founded in December 1957, which is approved by Hebei Health Department as a large-scale three-level orthopedic specialized hospital incorporating the functions ofmedicine, teaching, research, and rehabitation". The hospital covers an area of 29000 square meters, and has a total construction area of 53000 square meters, 1,060 beds, and 1,112 staff, which includes 897 professional medical workers, 171 people with senior professional titles, and 26 graduate student research supervisors. The hospital has 23 clinical departments and a branch court of surgery, foot and ankle surgery, traumatology deparment, ICU, spine surgery, arthritis department, bone section, child orthopedics, elderly orthopedic, general medicine, surgery, and rehabilitation centre, etc.

Address: No. 21, North Construction Road, Lubei District, Tangshan, Hebei Province

Telephone: 0315-2058020