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In applying for an “L”visa - Service Guide - Tangshan China

In applying for an “L”visa,aliens shall provide such information as requested and provide the following

1、Submit a valid passport、visa and copies;

2、Fill in Visa and Residence Permit application form and a recently―taken、two―inch、 half―length、bare―headed、full―faced photo;

3、Accommodation registration certificate;

4、An official letter by the reception unit in Tangshan(typed)or written statement of his/her own;

5、For tourists applying for an “L” visa, also provide evidence of your own funds or financial support in China (cash、traveller’s checks、bills or credit cards、ect. $100 per day).

6、For visiting relatives holding an “L” visa also provide copies of the Chinese residential household register and ID.card or certificate concerned.This includes HK and Macao residents,overseas Chinese、foreigner’s permanent residents、overseas students who are residing in Tangshan.

7、For seeing a doctor, also provide a copy of a medical certificate from the hospital.