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Application for Permanent Residence in China from unmarried children under 18 who join their parents with permanent residence permit in China - Service Guide - Tangshan China

In Accordance with the Approval Regulations of Foreign Permanent Residence in China
Applicants should meet the following conditions:
Procedures: Application acceptance and examination.
Time duration: 6 months

Applicants should submit the following material:
1. Valid passport or other identifications.
2. Health certificate issued by health and quarantine department authorized by Chinese government or by foreign health and medical institutions approved by Chinese embassies and consulates in foreign countries.
3. Four pieces of recently taken two-inch, bareheaded and full-faced color photo.
4. The permanent residence certificate of Chinese parents or the Permanent Residence Certificate for Foreigners of foreign parents; applicants’ birth certificate or parent-child relationship certificate; adoption certificate if the child is adopted. Certificates issued by foreign authorities should be proved by Chinese embassy or consulate in that country.

Charging standard:
Application fee: 1500 RMB
Document fee: 300 RMB
Receiving institution: Tangshan Municipal Exit & Entry Administration Public Security Bureau
Processing time: Monday to Friday except holidays
Office Location: No.8 Xishan Street, Lubei District,Tangshan