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Application of residence permits from foreigners who work in Tangshan - Service Guide - Tangshan China
 In accordance with Visa and Residence Permit Specifications for foreigners.
Applicants should meet the following conditions:
Procedures: Application acceptance and examination.
Applicants should provide the following materials:
Applicants with Z visa should submit Alien Employment Certificate or Foreign Expert Certificate or Work Permit for Foreign Personnel Engaged in the Offshore Petroleum Operations in the People's Republic of China or the approval document from the Ministry of Culture or authorized provincial, autonomous region or municipality Department of Culture and a letter form the employer.
Charging standard:
Residence permit with a validity of half a year to one year: 400 RMB
Residence permit with a validity of one to three years: 800 RMB
Residence permit with a validity of three to five years: 1000 RMB
Receiving institution: Tangshan Municipal Exist and Entry Administration Public Security Organ
Processing time: Monday to Friday, except holidays
Location: N0.8 Xishan Street, Lubei District, Tangshan