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Liufu Teahouse

“Run or rush here and there to become the friend of Liufu Teahouse” remarks a new stage of Chinese tea industry in Tangshan regions and it develops on the way of scale and diversity. Liufu Teahouse was renovated elegantly and has a fresh and peaceful environment. Continuous potpourri wafts accompanied the melodious tweedle, which can let own a pure land in this noisy city.

Liufu Teahouse has more than 500m2 business areas which can be divided into 3 floors. It can hold hundreds of people gathering to drink tea at the same time, which is a modern teahouse with biggest scale, complete function and highest taste. There are varies of tea, tea sets and elegant houses with different styles. Liufu Teahouse is no doubt a ideal good place for families, lovers, friends, old people to get together and business chatting.

The hall is mainly used to receive individual travelers, which can hold more than 30 people to drink tea. Its decoration style has Jiangnan character. Light decoration style, many green plants equipped and exquisite corridors permeate poetic phenomenon.

“Would rather eat insipidity, not taste unknown tea”. Liufu Teahouse will be the symbol of your culture and identity.

Address of the Headquarters: Walking North 200 Meters of the West Gate of Stadium, Tangshan.


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