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Zunhua Ten-Thousand Buddha Park 2014-05-13



Zunhua Ten-Thousand Buddha Park is located in the geomancy walls of the world cultural heritage Eastern Royal Tombs of the Qing Dynasty, near the mountain and by the river, which is a garden-like park matching with the surrounding cultural relics. As its name indicates, there are nearly one million Buddha statues displayed by various art forms in the Ten-Thousand Buddha Park.

As the national 4A level scenic area, it covers an area of 448 acres, the park esteems Ananda Buddha’ relics, the second disciple of Shakyamuni, and enshrines as well as worships the nationwide first-class jade Buddhism Godness Guanyin, Triple World Gold Buddha, Eighteen Arhats, Four Heavenly Kings, and Ksiti Garbha, with the construction of Classic of Filial Piety, Fengshui Pool, Longevity Palace, Confucius Memorial Park, Figure in Stone, Jinshui Bridge, Shanshi Eight Tower, Free Life Pond, Golden Pagoda, and Twenty-four Filial Piety Copper Sculptures. Among all the art treasures in Ten-Thousand Buddha Park, the four design samples of the country's largest twelve zodiac signs stone group, Ksiti Garbha Bodhisattva monk’s sculpture, the nationwide largest Eighteen Arhats, and the large-scale Western Paradise Leading Wall Carve have been collected by Imperial Palace of Beijing as art collection of treasures.