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Xi Feng Xiong Guan Broadsword Park 2014-05-13


Located in Luanyang Town of Qianxi County, Xi Feng Xiong Guan Broadsword Park is regarded as the national 3A level scenic area, national geological park, national classic red tourism scenic spot, the provincial leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration base, Hebei patriotism education base, and Hebei children practice base.

Xifeng Kou is one of the strategic passes of the Great Wall, where major battles in the history took place. In 1933, Song Zheyuan, Zhang Zizhong, Zhao Dengyu and other anti Japanese patriotic generals led the 29th National Revolutionary Army armed with broadswords, rifles, grenades and other disadvantaged weapons to fight bravely with well-equipped Japanese enemies. In the battle, they fought a bloody battle, killed nearly a thousand enemies, and got eighteen cannons and thousands of guns, giving a heavy blow to Japanese armies. That’s why the composition of "Broadsword March" comes into being.