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Qingshan Guan Great Wall Castle 2014-05-13


This Tourist area is 45 kilometers away from the northeast of Qianxi County, Hebei province, taking the Great Wall culture as the background. As the national 4A level scenic area and Hebei rural tourism demonstration set, Qingshan Guan Great Wall Castle is a comprehensive tourism area, incorporating catering and accommodation, leisure and vacation, business meetings, and sightseeing as a whole.

Qianxi has 87-kilometer Great Wall of Ming Dynasty, of which Qingshan Guan is preserved the most intact, representing the essence of the Great Wall culture to the most extent. Qingshan Guan Great Wall Castle was first built in Wanli period of Ming dynasty, having more than 400 years of history. The ancient built facilities of the government, barrack, temple, teahouse, restaurant, and residence are well preserved to its integrity. There is ancient Great Wall, 72 tickets building, Moon City, Prison Building and other particular Great Wall landscapes. What’s the most special landscape is the castle water gate, which is the best preserved lifting type gate of the Great Wall.

The Moon City is located in the peak of 800 meters above sea level in the north of Qingshan Guan. To the north are 10-thousand-meter high abysses and rock cliffs with the angle of about 90 degrees. The whole city is square shaped with the height of 15 meters, the length of 10 meters from east to west, the width of 10 meters from north to south, which is made of stone and brick with delicate carving.

The scenic spot has built 4 different styles of resorts, that is, Qingshan Castle, Miaogu Village, Qingshan Club and Qingshan Residence, which can accommodate 200 people.