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Shanye Mouth 2014-05-13

As the national geological park, Hebei provincial forest park, and national AAAA level scenic area, Shanye Mouth is located in Shanye Mouth Village, Dawuli Town, West Qinxin, Hebei Province with a total area of 14 square kilometers, and forest coverage rate of more than 69%. This scenic spot is 100 kilometers away from Qinhuangdao in the east, 32 kilometers way from Beijing-Shenyang high speed in the south, 200 kilometers away from Beijing in the west.

There is ancient gneiss formed in ancient times of about 3 billion years ago, and also the world's oldest sedimentary rocks -- multicolored stone forest of 1.8 billion years old formed in Mesoproterozoic. In the north is the Grandfather Mountain Guan Yu Temple first constructed in Zhenguan period of Tang Dynasty. Due to years of war and destruction of monuments, it is reconstructed later. Among the scenic area, the Colorful Stone Valley is the bright spot, with scattered prismy "colorful stone", exotic mountains and fantastic rock peaks seen everywhere. There is Cosplay of Counter Strike (Wargame CS), professional outdoor training equipments and the most experienced coaches, as well as the high, medium, and low altitude outdoor training programs. There are delicious foods of unique features, such as Jidong chestnut, pear, walnut, wild mushrooms, autotrophic Chai chicken, stone mill millet, and green vegetables of farmland, etc.