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Baiyangyu Great Wall 2014-05-13

 As the national 3A level scenic area, Baiyangyu Great Wall is the rural tourism demonstration site and provincial forest park in Hebei province.

This tourist area takes the Great Wall as the background and has the feature of ecological folk custom with 4,552-meter Great Wall of Ming Dynasty including the Marble Great Wall, Huang City, Cuo City, Shenwei Building, castles, walls, hollow enemy building and other unique landscapes of the Great Wall. Baiyang River runs through the village, with the unique water fortress and the Great Wall all blending into one harmonious whole, forming the ancient military defense system. There is Guanyin Pavilion, Water Park, Maitreya Buddha, Longevity Bridge, Yuyang Pavilion, cruise ship terminals, Sheep Spring, defense department and other attractions, ready for visitors to experience.

Hebei's first Baiyang Valley bicycle green road has opened, consisting of 1500 meters plastic runway, 700 meters plank road and 800 meters cement road, which is divided into greenway system and artificial system.