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Tangshan Bay International Tourism Island 2014-05-13

Located in the southeast of Tangshan, Tangshan Bay International Tourism Island is composed of Bodhi Island, Moon Island, Xiangyun Island and other northern peninsula lands.

1. Bodhi Island:

With a total area of 5.07 square kilometers, Bodhi Island is not only a marine natural reserve in Hebei Province, but also a provincial scenic spot. There are abundant fresh water resources and hundreds of 300 to 500 year-old bodhi trees, which are rarely seen in North China, making the natural vegetation coverage rate reach more than 98%. As the holy land for Zen idea meditation, the extant Chaoyang Nunnery during the years of Wanli of Ming Dynasty and Chaoyin Temple during the years of Guangxu of Qing Dynasty are important Buddhist monuments, enjoying the reputation of " Putuo in the south, Bodhi in the north". The island provides a variety of tourism services and facilities, including luxurious seascape cabin house, hotel and villa, business club, spa, golf court, tennis court, beach for seashell picking, and landscape wooden trestle.

2. Moon Island (Yuetuo Island):

As the name indicates, this island has the shape of meniscus with an area of 11.96 square kilometers, and it is acknowledged as the national AAAA level scenic spot, with lush vegetation, wild birds, and various small beasts. It is a holy place for leisure activities and romantic tourism, because there are all kinds of accommodation and entertainment supporting facilities, including cabin villa of Holland style, conference center, water cabin, water performance hall, hot spring resort base, garden of melons, garden of fruits, garden of birds, amusement park, seafood barbecue, bonfire party and sea fishing.

3. Xiangyun Island:

With a total area of 22.73 square kilometers and a coastline of 26 kilometers, Xiangyun Island is China’s largest island of silver sand formed by the alluviation of river and sea. The northern side of the island looks at the shore from far away, forming a double channel duplex coastline, which is a rare wonder in the land and water. The southern side of the island has grand beach and clear seawater, so it is considered as a high-quality natural bathing beach. There are three resorts of Xiangyun Bay, Repulse Bay and Jinsha Island on it, with accommodation service facilities of luxurious cabin house hotel, conference center, tourist hotel, and hot springs, as well as the tourism and entertainment project of yacht club, sea fishing, water scooter, beach motorcycle, beach volleyball, football, diving, and outdoor development training.

There are altogether 36 yachts and speed boats, among which 10 yachts are worth more than 10 million yuan. There are 200 berths in Three Shell Pearl wharf, with many sightseeing projects including helicopter sightseeing, limousine tour, and luxury yacht sightseeing, etc. It has stepped into the "sea-land-air" three-dimensional tourism era, and become the largest yacht leisure base.