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Caofeidian Wetlands area 2014-05-13

As a national 4A level scenic area, it has a wetland area of 54000 hectares, and abundant biological resources. There are wild plants of 63 families, 164 genera and 238 species and the birds are of 17 orders, 52 families and 307 species. It is also an important post house and habitat for birds migrating from Australia to Siberia. There are hundreds of thousands of birds swarming to the wetland every year. Therefore, it is called “unique in the north, rarely seen in China, exceptional wetland” by Wetlands International.

The wetland has become the practice base of Tangshan College, the touring car camping base of Chinese red ant outdoor sports activity, the film base of world fishing in the wetland, as well as the golden land for delicious crabs.

1. Caofeidian Wetlands Maze

Wetland maze covers an area of 3000 acres, composed of the wetland maze district, reception center, wetland exploration area, and fishing center. Wetland maze district has built labyrinth channel and bird watching towers, etc.

2. Caofei Lake

Caofei lake has an area of ten thousand acres, including Water Park, Three islands in lake, seaside spot and so on. Three Islands in the center of lake are the natural nest for birds, becoming a paradise for a variety of birds’ inhabiting and multiplying. There is a 10-kilo-meter long and 5-meter-wide road around the lake. Along the south and north bank are cobblestone tour trail, 1500 meters Wood Plank Road, 3 water platforms and Water Park.

3. Caofeidian International Club

There are exotic villas of British, American, French, German, modern neo Chinese, and wooden style.

4. Bohai International Conference Center

As a national five Stars Tourist Hotel, Bohai International Conference Center is a modern international conference center and comprehensive tourist resort with multifunction of accommodation and catering, tourism and sightseeing, conference reception, spa and wellness, natural oxygen bar and natural wetland.

Traffic: Caofeidian wetlands scenic area is located in the southern coast of Tangshan, 220 kilometers away from Beijing, 120 kilometers away from Tianjin. There is also entrance to this scenic spot from Tang-Cao speed and coastal highway.