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Nanhu Ecological Town 2014-05-13

Nanhu ecological town is located in the South of Central Tangshan, which is the 2016 World Horticultural Exposition site, having a total planning area of 105 square kilometers, of which the core scenic area is 30 square kilometers. It is the national 4A level scenic area and a comprehensive scenic area combining natural ecology, historical culture and modern culture as a whole.

This scenic spot makes full use of the coal mining depression area, transforming the original sedimentation pit into lake by expansion and reconstruction, planting trees, flowers and grasses, paving roads around the lake. In this way, a city park of a certain scale is constructed. Pavements around the lake reach up to 22.5 km. A lot of trees and shrubs, aquatic plants, ground cover plants function as the huge "green lung" for the city.

The conventional tourist routes are: the east gate of the scenic area - Peach Pond - Lotus Root Sculpture - Civil Square - "Red Phoenix in morning sun" Theme Sculpture - "the light of dream" Music Fountain - Longquan Bay - Children's Park - Yunfeng Island- Egret Pier - Phoenix Palace - Phoenix Pavilion – Qinglong Pool - Moon Island – Xiangming Island - Hanyan Ferry—General Shallow Lake—Jinlin Island—TangXu Railway—Violet Swan Wooden Villa—Tangshan 1970 Film Base. Along the way are many entertainment projects including the children's playground, pleasure-boat, motorcycle on ice, bumper boats, fishing, aviation club, battery car, multiplayer bike, karting, scooter robots, golf, etc.


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