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Matching Meeting of Sino-Korea Emerging Industries Cooperation Was Held and "Wanzan Department Store" South Korea Boutique Museum Was Established 2017-09-07

On September 2, Fengnan Tongda Group and South Korea Wanzan Trading Co., Ltd. jointly organized a matching meeting for China and South Korea to discuss their cooperation on emerging industries. At the same time, South Korea Wanzan Trading Co., Ltd. set up a South Korea boutique museum in "Wanzan Department Store" of Tongda South Korea City in Fengnan.

Cao Fuyan, the general manager of Tongda Group, addressed that Tongda Group based on the combination of both local and regional culture, in accordance with the concept of the "being reasonable for ourselves and expressing kindness to the society" to achieve the goal of "building an enterprise with 10 billion yuan and contributing to the revival of China". Tongda Group not only reinforced to promote the cultural image of the enterprise, but also made efforts to build a new platform for the trade exchange and cooperation between Fengnan and South Korea, and striving to further deepen the matching cooperation on major projects, such as fields of finance, e-commerce, circulation, industrial park, construction of free trade demonstration area and so on.

The building area of South Korea boutique museum was 24,000 square meters with a total investment of about 30 million yuan, and had an arrangement of 800 jobs. It was introduced by Xu Changlong, the investment director of Fengnan Tongda South Korea City, Wanzan Department Store mainly engaged in South Korean imported cosmetics, daily necessities, jewelry, health products, clothing, leather, fur, luggage and other characteristic goods all over the world. The supplies of goods were from the original manufacturers, which made their quality reliable. The opening of the Korean boutique museum was one of them, focusing on the introduction of experiential services. Mainly, it straightly connected with the South Korean merchants, which saved a lot of intermediate links and genuinely introduced South Korean attractive goods with reasonable prices from South Korea to China. Meanwhile, South Korea boutique museum, as a matching window for the cultural exchange between China and South Korea, promoted friendly exchanges between the two countries.