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8 Majors in North China of Science and Technology University Won National Four-star Level and Above 2017-09-07

A few days ago, 2017 Chinese University Evaluation and Research Report from issued a ranking list of undergraduate majors among Chinese universities. In Hebei Province, a total of 30 colleges and universities with their 173 majors won four-star level and above majors, of which, 8 majors were from North China University of Science and Technology.

Mining engineering was the five-star level major among these 8 majors in North China University of Science and Technology, which was ranked No. 9 around the country and No. 1 in the region; the other 7 four-star level majors were rehabilitation, metal materials engineering, metallurgical engineering, chemical engineering and technology, clinical medicine, mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation, and civil engineering.

Evaluation on undergraduate majors plays a significant role in evaluating a university or college, and a core indicator for measuring comprehensive educational strength, undergraduate education and teaching level, educating level, education-running level and education characteristic of a university. Since 2015, has been successively published the ranking list of undergraduate majors in Chinese universities and colleges for 3 years, which aims to provide reference guide for the candidates of national college entrance examination and foreign students to fill applications of their college entrances.