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Cargo Throughput of Caofeidian Port Area Exceeded 200 Million Tons in This Year 2017-09-08


It was informed from Caofeidian Maritime Department that up to September 1, the cargo throughput of Tangshan Harbor Caofeidian port area had exceeded 200 million tons in 2017. It was illustrated from the statistics of the cargo throughput of Caofeidian port area that according to the classification of main cargo, ore was 93.358 million tons, coal was 61.655 million tons, steel was 30.378 million tons, oil and gas and their products were 16.67 million tons, with their respective increases of 7.38%, 86.75%, 26.75%, and 14.97% on year-on-year basis. With the continuous promotion of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy and the initiative of the "One Belt and One Road", Caofeidian was accelerating its promotion to transform from Caofeidian port to a large comprehensive trade port based on its advantages of relying on the large deep water port, wide hinterland and convenient transportation. The picture blow shows Caofeidian port area.