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10 Key Projects of Qian'an Started with a Total Investment of 2.17 Billion Yuan 2017-09-11

Recently, Qian'an City held the centralized starting ceremony of key projects in the 3rd quarter of 2017. The North Iron and Steel Logistics Industrial Park Tianjin Trade Steel Closed Bank and Steel Trade Settlement Center Project and other 9 projects were intensively started with a total investment of 2.17 billion yuan, which marked the construction of key projects in Qian’an into a virtuous circle that carried forward gradually and developed progressively.

Qian'an has focused on three parts since this year, they are high-level manufacturing, emerging industries and modern service industry. Based on “Four Doings” to guarantee the implementation mechanism, Qian’an continuously regards investment promotion and key projects’ construction as the power source for steady growth, structure adjustment and transformation promotion, focuses on "Double Creation", invests precisely, and constantly creates a favorable investment environment, spares no pains speeding up and catching up the progress, and gradually carries forward to start, put into production and reach on efficiency. From January to July, Qian'an has implemented 141 key projects, the original total investment plan was 56.76 billion yuan, and the completed investment was 10.9 billion yuan in the year.